Altar Servers

Altar Servers are a very important part of the liturgy and must be reverent and attentive at all times.  Boys and girls, 4th grade through high school, are welcome to become Altar Servers.  They assist at all weekend Masses, Holy Days when possible, Christmas, Holy Week services, First Communions and Confirmations, as well as funerals and weddings.

Training takes place in the fall over a six-week period for all servers for both Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Pompeii parishes.

Servers are scheduled on a two-month basis.  When they first start serving, they are scheduled for the 10AM Saturday morning Mass at Sacred Heart.  Once they are comfortable with the actual serving, they are scheduled for Mass on Saturday evenings or Sundays.  Once trained, they can request to be scheduled for a particular Mass.  If a server finds that he/she cannot serve at the scheduled Mass that week, it is his/her responsibility to arrange for a replacement.  A list of names and numbers, is given to each server for this purpose.

If interested in becoming an Altar Server, please call the Rectory at 693-0119 and leave your name and number for Deacon Pat.